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We are a Croatian brand which follows a 300-year-long tradition of natural sponge diving in the Adriatic Sea. The great effort put in the maintaining of this old tradition enables the contemporary consumer to enjoy one of the most intriguing luxurious beauty products.

All our sponges are hand-picked by divers in the Adriatic Sea. Our understanding and conscientiousness about the strong relationship between a human and nature inspires us to conserve natural resources, which is why our methods of sponge harvesting are designed to preserve natural habitats of sea sponges.

Our processing and production standards are in compliance with the EU regulation.

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Volo d.o.o.
Headquarters: Samobor,Vrhovčak 29a
Registration court Commercial Court in Zagreb
Registration number: 080411170
Capital: 20.000,00 HRK
OIB: 98846861798
Legal form: limited liability company
Founders: Goran Radotić, OIB :78267189205 Function – a member of society.